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Providing cutting edge technology for your ATV, Personal Watercraft, Motorcycle, or other high-performance machine is our cup of tea at Mull Engineering.   We love receiving reports from our customers about the trophy they brought home over the weekend, the impressive 50 ft roost they can now generate, or simply the bragging rights they so rightfully earned by mopping the floor with their buddy's machines. Our knowledge of high performance technology didn't spawn overnight. Our development team has been innovating and tweaking for over 20 years now. We believe firmly in the laws of physics and thermodynamics. Our understanding of the basics is what makes the difference between our customers bringing home a victory, or wondering "what happened?" If you're serious about gaining the performance edge, give Mull Engineering a chance to earn your business!




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  • Mull Engineering is sponsoring the Wichita State University SAE Formula and Mini-Baja Racing teams for the 2010-2011 season. Please check out these inspired engineering students and the wonderful feat of engineering they are able to overcome every year. Please check back soon for further news articles from us.



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Banshee Filter Kit

Banshee Filter KitIf you are looking for the absolute best intake kit on the market, look no further!!!  Flowbench testing has shown this kit to flow 38% more air than simply clamping a filter directly to the carb.  The secret is in our carefully engineered venture tubes and matched proprietary filter design.  For the best performance, the Big Mouth kit is sure to maximize your inhalation needs.








Banshee "Billet" Shift Star

If you own a Banshee, you should know what we mean when we say "they don't like to shift".   The forces created in the moving components of the transmission of a Banshee along with an inferior transmission design inherently create shifting bind during high load situations.  Our new billet shift star reduces these problems and allows you to shift your bike effortlessly.